Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tropical Storm Ketsana's (Typhoon Ondoy) Devastating Effects

It seems that there's barely any news coverage about this disaster, but now that's slowy changing. The death toll has risen to 284 according to AP. The ongoing relief efforts are being threatened by two new storms projected to hit the country on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) have been quite handy in keeping flood victims connected. Those who live in the flooded areas their kept their facebook status updated with their whereabouts, thus giving relief to their concerned friends. I spoke with my sister who lives in Makati City, and we're relieved that she's doing ok. Sadly, my mom's car (which my sister now uses) got submerged in the flood. Still she's lucky that the car didn't float along like the others (see video below).

I have at least 3 friends who lost everything (homes, clothes, etc.) in the flood. Please continue to include the typhoon victims in your prayers. Google has a one-stop page for people who might know someone in need of help. They also offer a list of groups that are accepting cash and in-kind donations to help with disaster relief efforts.

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