Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ALERT! ALERT! Poll on ordination of women needs attention!

Thanks to Fr. Z for pointing this out!

On the website of the Cincinnati Enquirer there was an article about the disciplining of a woman religious who works in for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. She is in favor or, working for, the ordination of women. Archbishop Pilarcyck is telling her to knock it off.

The Enquirer posted a POLL for readers to say if they think women should be ordained.

As of now (3:51PM PST; 9/2/09), the tabulation of votes are: Yes (1435) 59.27%, No (914) 37.75%, I'm undecided (72) 2.97%; Total Votes: 2421.

Read that article and then… VOTE NO! VOTE NO! VOTE NO!

For bloggers, feel free to post this on your site.

Update: As of 5:03PM PST, the numbers are: Yes (1649) 47.02%, No (1776) 50.64%, Undecided (82) 2.34%; Total Votes: 3507.

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