Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Annual Latin Mass Magazine Conference: Surviving the New Kulturkampf

Our friends at Latin Mass Magazine are having their 9th Annual Monterey Conference titled "Surviving the New Kulturkampf" from February 27 to 28, 2010. Here's a short description of the upcoming conference:

From 1871 to 1878 Otto Von Bismarck waged a Kulturkampf (“culture struggle”) against the Catholic in Germany, aimed at destroying all remaining Catholic influence over German social order. Bismarck faced the opposition of a militant Pope, Blessed Pius IX, and courageous German bishops. Today, Catholics in America and throughout the Western world find themselves in the midst of a new Kulturkampf, but with very few (if any) bishops willing to fight against it in any effective way and the Pope unable to dispel the Church’s debilitating post-conciliar malaise. The homosexual movement, Big Abortion, “hate crimes” and “hate speech” laws, ever-increasing government snooping, and looming control of the Internet all threaten the freedom of Catholics to be Catholics in an increasingly hostile society. Our three speakers will address what the Catholic faithful can do to protect themselves and their loved ones in these times that try Catholic souls.

Speakers include:
1) Edwin Faust - Catholic Journalism: A Samizdat for the Faithful
2) Dr. Ronald McArthur - Preserving the Citadel of Catholic Education
3) Christopher Ferrara - Staying Alive and Catholic in the Legal Colosseum
4) John Blewett, Editor

Saturday February 27 & Sunday February 28, 2010
in Monterey, California at The Beach Resort,
2600 Sand Dunes Drive, Monterey, California
(805) 933-8222

The registration form (PDF) can be downloaded here.

I was there last year, along with Canon Moreau and some parishioners of St. Margaret Mary. Due to our expected first-born baby, my wife and I are unable to make it this year. I hope you VFC readers can make it though!

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