Monday, August 9, 2010

Divine Mercy Pro-Life Conference

A few weeks ago, a new book on Exorcism arrived, and I got a chance to skim the first few chapters. The Exorcism and the Church Militant was very well organized and Fr. Thomas Euteneuer really laid out very nicely the topics in a Question & Answer format. He even had Fr. John Corapi write a foreword for the book! An interesting section on the appendix titled "The New Rite of Exorcism: A Potent Weapon is Weakened" caught my eye. Here Father compares the 1614 exorcism ritual, "De exorcizandis obsessis a dae monio" ("On Exorcising Those Obsessed by a Demon") and the watered-down 1999 revision titled "De exorcismis et supplicationibus quibusdam" ("On Exorcisms and Other Supplications"). Hmmm. The story sounded familiar. Anyway, compared with the other books on exorcism, I find that this is the the easiest to read.
I first encountered the name of Fr. Euteneuer in the pro-life movement, since he's the President of Human Life International. To my surprise, I found out later that he's also an exorcist! When I read an email from the Divine Mercy mailing list that Fr. Euteneuer would be visiting the Bay Area again (I missed the opportunity to see him give a talk at the East Bay Men's Conference at the Oakland Cathedral last May), I made a point to go the Divine Mercy Pro-Life Conference at Holy Spirit Parish (Fremont, CA) last Saturday, August 7. He was joined by Dr. John Bruchalski, a former abortion doctor who has since then converted to the Catholic faith and runs the Tepeyac Family Center based in Fairfax, VA.
Me and Dr. John Bruchalski. His conversion story was very moving. Also learned from him the need to pray for the doctors in the abortion industry which can really work wonders (him being an example!).
Me and Fr. Thomas Euteneuer. I mentioned to him a priest friend in the Philippines (who also is an exorcist). He said "Oh yes, the Philippines needs more exorcists!". Out of curiosity, I asked Fr. Euteneuer if he ever had a chance to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass (better known as the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite). He said, "No, but I'll need to learn that" (or something to that effect). At least he has shown interest and he knows he has to get himself trained somehow. When I mentioned to him that I go to St. Margaret Mary's where the Traditional Mass is being offered on a daily basis, he was impressed.

A nice autograph from Fr. Euteneuer.

The seats were full to capacity (though this photo was taken during the lunch break). There were lots of Filipinos! (I'd say definitely more than half of the conference goers!)

I visited the Perpetual Adoration Chapel afterwards. I learned from the conference that the Holy Spirit Parish is the 2nd in the Diocese of Oakland to have a 24-hour Adoration chapel (the first is the Divine Mercy Chapel at El Cerrito, CA).

Here's Fr. Euteneuer on EWTN's World Over Live discussing "Exorcism and the Church Militant".

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  1. Hope you can share the conversion story of Dr. John Bruchalski and some interesting stories about Fr. Euteneur's work. Thanks for sharing, Jay!