Sunday, May 15, 2011

Four new priests for the Diocese of Oakland, California!

It has been quite sometime since I last posted on the blog (juggling family life and work hasn't been easy these couple of months, not to mention blogging!), but I wanted to just quickly mention about the four priests that were ordained two days ago (May 14, 2011) by his Excellency, The Most Reverend Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone at the Christ the Light Cathedral. It was unfortunate that due to a conflict with my schedule, I wasn't able to make it on their Ordination Mass. However, I'd like to request that you keep the new Fathers, Fr. Alexander Q. Castillo, Fr. Edilberto Castanas, Fr. Gerald Pedrera and Fr. Rafal Duda in your prayers.

Fr. Rafal Duda giving a blessing to my wife and son after his first mass at St. Margaret Mary's.
The front of the ordination card given to the faithful featuring the newly Blessed John Paul II!
The back of the ordination card given to the faithful after receiving a blessing from Fr. Duda.

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